Your at-home skincare lab

Personalised natural face care, freshly blended every day

A game-changing personalised skincare

Whether it's changeable weather, work schedule or hormones, you can now adapt your skincare to match your daily life. DUOLAB's revolutionary skincare system allows you tailor your own product formulation on a daily basis.

Like your very own at-home lab, our tailored treatments deliver freshly blended active ingredients on demand and 100% free from preservatives.


Powered by nature & technology


Pure & clean formulas

Freshly blended and 100% preservative-free formulas to support your skin's microbiome.


Ground-breaking technology

Last minute activated blend and gently heated formulas for optimum results.

How it works

Step 1: Target

Choose your capsule DUO:

- 1 Moisturising Base, depending on your skin type,

- 1 Targeted Concentrate, to treat your skin concern.

Step 2: Activate

In just 90 seconds, the LAB device gently warms and concocts an ultra-thin emulsion that boosts the natural ingredients and offers the best of their assets, ready to work on your skin.

Step 3: Apply

Enjoy your natural and tailor-made treatment, with silky textures and deliciously heated, to relive a real spa experience at home.

Moisturising Base
Optimise your skin’s hydration level
Targeted Concentrate
Treat your skin's needs
The LAB device preserves the formulas…
…emulsifies and activates the ingredients
Enjoy your freshly-made face cream, every time!

Join the beauty revolution today!

Recreate a salon spa experience at home with DUOLAB's personalised treatments. 100% preservative free, natural and silky textures that are powered by unique technology.

Say hello to The Starter System, the best way to get started with DUOLAB and enjoy your personalised skincare in the comfort of your home.


Results you can count on

Efficacy is what it all comes down to.

Our treatments have been proven to provide immediate and long term improvements to skin's health, complexion and youthfulness.

DUOLAB treatments have already been tested on over 1,300 women across the world by independent laboratories under dermatologist control and supervision.


Unsure about what your skin needs?

Get started here with AI powered analysis of your skin to find your recommended DUO capsules prescription.

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