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The Duolab Device Responding to your skin’s unique needs

Pioneering customised, preservative-free skincare, Duolab empowers you to create tailored skin solutions at home, whenever you need it.

The Duolab device utilises patented technologies and powerful plant-based signature blends, kept pure and delivered warm for the most effective absorption.

With 23 patents and powered by proprietary technology, Duolab ensures maximum efficiency and cleanliness. No mess, no fuss.

Contactless technology

Our unique contactless technology ensures Duolab is quick and easy to use. The cream never comes in contact with your device so its purity is preserved right up until application. It also means there’s no need to clean your device after use.

Thermocosmetic innovation

Cutting-edge thermal technology warms the cream to your skin’s natural temperature. This unique system ensures the most effective absorption, scientifically proven.

Feather-light emulsification

The Duolab device blends your tailored supercharged active and moisturising base into an ultra-thin cream that offers beautifully soft textures for an enhanced affinity with your skin.

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Duolab Blush
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Money back

Our guarantee

Not satisfied with Duolab? No problem!

Just return your device to us within 28 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

Get started with Duolab

Receive a FREE Discovery Pack when you purchase your Duolab device. Enjoy 7 days of skincare and try all our supercharged duos.

- 7 moisturising bases
- 7 targeted concentrates

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2 Years Warranty

Be reassured your device is fully covered for any repairs for 24 months.

A century of knowledge

Our collaboration with leading household specialist Rowenta brings unparalleled expertise and experience.

10 years of repair support

Europe-wide parts replacement for 10 years.

Practical & Efficient

To match your natural skin temperature and ensure the most effective absorption, scientifically proven.

No need to charge your device every day

Freshly blend your personalised skincare in just 90 seconds

With contactless technology that preserves a ultra-clean environment at every step

Technical specifications

Duolab device

  • Dimensions (inches): 5.1 (h) x 7 (w) x 6.2 (d)

  • Weight: 2.8 lb

  • Charging time: 2h30

  • Battery autonomy: Up to 40 usages, 1-2 months

  • Battery type: Li-ion


  • Dimensions (inches): 3 (h) x 2.9 (w) x 1.5 (d)

  • Weight: 2.7 oz

User guide

Discover how Duolab works

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes just 90 seconds to blend your face cream. In just 90 seconds, the device creates an ultra thin emulsion, delivering the cream at 37°C for more effective absorption. This contactless process preserves the integrity of our sterile formulas and keeps them pure right up until application. The DUOLAB device has been developed to keep your freshly blended cream warm for 15 minutes giving you the time and flexibility to fit it into your busy day.

DUOLAB offers freshly blended skincare solutions, whenever you need it.

Your DUOLAB device lets you create freshly prepared skincare every day in just 90 seconds. Simply choose your moisturising base and targeted concentrate, slot them into the dispenser and insert the dispenser into the base of your DUOLAB device. Turn your device on and in just 90 seconds, your freshly blended cream is ready.DUOLAB’s thermocosmetic technology warms each skincare dose to complement your skin’s natural temperature, helping to boost the cream’s absorption into the skin, while preserving the quality and purity of the natural ingredients.

You don’t need to wash your device after using it.

DUOLAB features a unique purity process, which means your freshly blended cream remains airtight and is never in contact with the device. The mono doses click together and the blending process is completed in the packaging so the cream inside is never in contact with the outside world until you apply it to your skin. This helps ensure the preservative free formula stays pure and the device is always clean. No mess, no fuss. We recommend using a dry cloth to dust your device.

First check that the device has enough battery. Your device is designed with a safety feature, which means it will not start if there is not enough battery to finish blending a dose. A full charge takes 2.5 hours and will provide at least 40 blending cycles. In a hurry? A 5 minute charge is enough to use the device for one blending cycle.

If the ON/OFF button is lit: press the button again to start the cycle.

If the ON/OFF button is flashing: check that the dispenser has been properly inserted into the base of DUOLAB device. The product emits a ‘beep’ when the dispenser is correctly inserted.

If your device still doesn’t start:

1/ Check that your capsules have been inserted correctly into the dispenser. Check the insertion direction indicated by the arrow printed on the capsule and on the tutorial video.

2/ Is there an error message? Is the light flashing quickly? Press the 2 buttons of the dashboard together for 3 seconds and then wait for a further 3 seconds. Then turn off the machine and start again.

If your device still doesn’t work after testing all the above options then please contact our after-sell service. 

Duolab Blush
Duolab device