The LAB device - Mimosa

The popping Mimosa colour will give a contemporary twist to your interior design

Become your own skincare expert with capsules containing your chosen formulations and the LAB device. It allows you to create personalised skincare to target your skin’s unique needs, blended fresh at the touch of a button every day.

How it works - The LAB device warms and mixes your product so it's ready to be freshly applied, to help you achieve your own bespoke routine. In just 90 seconds, the device emulsifies and gently warms your personal blend so it's ready to work on your skin.

  • Dimensions : H5.1 x W7 x D6.2 inches / H130 x W178 x D156 mm

  • Weight: 1,4 kg / 2.8 lb

  • Battery autonomy: Up to 40 uses

  • Battery type: Li-ion

  • Charge time: 2.5 hours