This capsule is suitable to fight against:

Wrinkles - Skin slackening - Loss of elasticity - Loss of firmness - Skin sagging - Enlarged pores

Ingredients & Benefits

Acmella oleracea extract works to visibly smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while Camellia oil, rich in nourishing omega-6, boosts hydration of the skin.

Immortelle essential oil helps to tighten and firm slackened skin over time.

With use skin is left feeling smoother and looking firmer with a more refined appearance.

Short term actions
Long term actions
Hyaluronic Acid
ACMELLA extract

Proven efficacy

What women say
What the derm measures say
From day 1

- 75% Better toned skin*
- 100% hydrated skin*
- 100% supple skin*

After 4 weeks

- 86% smoothed skin*
- 89% firmer skin*
- 93% better elasticity of the skin*
- 86% replenished skin*

*Consumer test results in France on Melting Cream + Skin Firming combination on 28 women over 4 weeks

Skin firming Targeted concentrate

Tighten & tone skin

Restorative smoothing care. Smoothes away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring the ‘spring’ of skin.

To be combined with the Moisturising Base of your choice.

89% said skin looks firmer*
98% of ingredients from natural origin

*Consumer test results in France on Melting Cream + Skin Firming combination on 28 women over 4 weeks

Quantity - Pack x 14 Caps / 0.9ML / 0.03 FL.OZ.

Recycling made easy & effortless

Place all your used capsules and sachets in your prepaid recycled envelope
Post the envelope or leave it directly at one of our shops
Terracycle® transforms your capsules and sachets into outdoor furniture

Discover how Duolab works

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow one of these 3 simple steps:

1. Create your personalised skin profile via the DUOLAB website or DUOLAB App. The diagnosis uses AI technology to analyse your skin concerns and provide you with a personalised programme consisting of day and night mono doses. Your programme will evolve as your skin needs change throughout the year.

2. If you already know your skin type, simply choose the formulas best suited to you. You can adapt your cycle with different skin solutions whenever you feel your skin needs it.
Our product pages provide information about the ingredients, efficacy and benefits of each formula to help you select the most effective care for your skin’s needs.

3. Would you rather talk to someone in person? Come and meet our beauty ambassadors. Each ambassador will help you choose the right programme for your skin, as well as giving you help and advice on your DUOLAB device. Drop into our pop up store in London or selected L’Occitane stores in the UK and Ireland and say hi. Find your nearest store here.

Each DUOLAB formula contains between 93% and 98% ingredients from natural origin:

Light cream -  98% ingredients are from natural origin
Melting cream -  98% ingredients are from natural origin
Night cream -  97% ingredients are from natural origin
Skin Firming concentrate - 98% ingredients are from natural origin
Soothing Comfort concentrate - 93% ingredients are from natural origin 
Refined Texture concentrate -  97% ingredients are from natural origin
EnergiZing Radiance concentrate -  96% ingredients are from natural origin
Skin Brightening concentrate -  95% ingredients are from natural origin 

The small composition of each formula that is not natural (2% to 7% depending on the dose) has been included to ensure your skincare programme performs effectively with our technology. Each ingredient has been rigorously tested for its safety and efficacy.

Some active ingredients like our hyaluronic acid complex and konjac are activated at the very last second when the formula is freshly made. 

We use thermocosmetic technology to gently warm the cream to the skin’s natural temperature which helps the cream to be aborbed more effectively*, as well as providing additional sensory benefits. 

*100% of users said the warming thermocosmetic technology helped to improve the absorption of the cream.

Consumer test results after one use. Test on DUOLAB and its capsules over 3 weeks on 40 women in the UK.

The L’OCCITANE by DUOLAB formulas are vegetarian friendly and you won’t find any ingredients of animal origin in our formulas except from bee by-products. 

Our 2 day moisturising bases (Light Cream and Melting Cream) include an emulsifier containing beeswax. No vegan, preservative-free, natural alternative has yet been found to replace this emulsifier. However, we have rigorously selected our beeswax suppliers and chosen partners that share our sustainable, ethical farming philosophy, ensuring no bees were killed in the harvesting of the wax.

 The rest of the DUOLAB skincare collection is free from any ingredients of animal origin and are vegan.

In the cosmetics industry, preservatives are added to formulas to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and to ensure the formulas have a shelf life.

Normally, bacterial contamination in formulas containing water occurs because of contact with the air or contact with a contaminated, non-sterile object, such as a fingertip.

With DUOLAB the safety of these preservative free formulas is ensured by a 3 step process:
1.           the formulas are made and flash sterilised,
2.           the formulas are packaged in a sterile environment and in  sterile, airtight mono dose
3.           the DUOLAB device features a contactless system that ensures that the preservative free formulas never come into contact with the device. The means your formulas stay pure as you apply them on your skin.

DUOLAB’s preservative free formulas also respect the skin’s microbiome.
The skin microbiome is the name given to all microorganisms that live in harmony on our skin and form a natural, protective external layer.
A well-balanced microbiome is extremely beneficial to skin health, providing essential protection against pathogens, supporting our immune system and maintaining skin vitality. 
The skin microbiome is constantly changing and is affected by location, environment and cosmetic use. An unbalanced skin microbiome can result in discomfort, redness, dryness, sensitivity and the aggravation of skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, allergies or the ageing process.

By removing all preservatives (added and hidden) from our formulas and preserving them in sterile airtight capsules ensures the total safety and purity of your freshly made creams, while respecting your skin’s natural ecosystem.

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All bases must be associated with a concentrate of your choice.

Care tailored to your skin

Because your skin is constantly changing, a one-size-fits-all skincare solution just won’t do. Nor the same routine day in day out.

Duolab is the first preservative-free solution that listens and adapts to your skin’s evolving needs.

Switch your face care to deal with its changing conditions & concerns, based on a personalised care protocol.

More than 7,500 possibilities. Find yours with our online diagnosis.

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All our products respect the skin's natural ecosystem

Already tested by 1200 women
Up to 98% ingredients from natural origin
Up to 98% ingredients from natural origin
No preservatives
No preservatives, silicones, mineral oil derivatives or synthetic colorants
No animal
No animal products (except bee by-products)