Why mixing is taking the beauty world by storm

If you’ve ever wondered what mayonnaise has to do with beauty, here’s a clue: emulsions.

Think back to your school days, more specifically, your chemistry classes and no doubt you will have heard of an emulsion. An emulsion consists of two liquids that don’t usually mix – think eggs and oil – but throw in an emulsifier and your two liquids will mix together to create a creamy blend. In this case, it’s mayonnaise.

In the world of beauty, emulsions have become the latest must-have skincare product from the K-Beauty stable. They promise the hydration you get with a cream or a serum but without the heavy, greasy feeling that comes with richer creams and balms.

DUOLAB’s revolutionary skincare system enables you to create emulsions at home with the flick of a switch and is the only skincare device that features this process in an at home system.

Our capsules feature a water and oil phase which are blended together in a record 90 seconds by the DUOLAB device to create a beautifully light cream with a fresh, soft texture and absolutely no greasiness.

The emulsification process also releases DUOLAB’s highly active ingredients, boosting their potency and improving their performance on your skin.

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Take our signature complex of hyaluronic acid and konjac, which we use in all our Moisturising Bases. These ingredients are stored in a dehydrated form within the capsule and are activated by your device seconds before application.

This supercharges the ingredients’ ability to rehydrate and soothe your skin, locking in moisture and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

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These results are only possible when the ingredients are blended at the last moment as this stops them separating and it’s what makes DUOLAB’s skincare system so ground-breaking.

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