Cleansing rituals for glowing skin

The first and most important lesson you’ll ever learn in beauty school is cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

Daily cleansing helps remove make-up, dirt and SPF at the end of the day while prepping your skin ready to receive the benefits of your skincare.

Here are our top cleansing tips for creating the perfect canvas for your DUOLAB creams


Make sure you cleanse twice a day, in the morning, to refresh and revive skin and in the evening, to remove dirt and make-up from the day.

Turn your cleansing routine into a cleansing ritual.

Warm a little cleansing oil or balm between your hands and gently work into the skin with massaging strokes.

Massage your face in upward and outward strokes, taking care around the eye area. This will help increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins and promoting a beautiful glow.



Remove the cleanser in one easy step with a soft face cloth, soaked in warm water.

Make sure you choose a natural cotton or bamboo microfibre cloth for the gentlest way to remove impurities and do your bit against plastic waste.

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5For heavier make-up looks or waterproof mascara, double cleanse to ensure your skin is squeaky clean. One cleanse in the morning should be enough…unless of course, you’ve slept in your make-up!

Rinse your cloth after every use and allow it to dry fully to avoid bacteria build up. Pop it in the wash after two to three uses to keep it clean.


Now your skin is clean, simply add your favourite DUOLAB cream combination for beautifully glowing skin.