Why your microbiome is key to skin health

Our bodies are amazing, aren’t they?

And our skin is one clever organ. Just like our gut, our skin has its very own ecosystem that works to protect and repair, keeping your complexion in tip top condition.

This tiny eco-system is your skin’s microbiome, made up of millions of skin-friendly micro-organisms, which are essential in protecting and caring for your skin’s natural barrier, balancing its pH and producing vital nutrients to keep it hydrated and happy.

Skincare sleuths are increasingly discovering the benefits of this incredible ecosystem with searched for ‘microbiome’ rocketing over the past year. According to Google there were nearly 10,000 searches a month in 2020 for the word.

So, what does your microbiome actually do?

The friendly bacteria on our skin thrive in the slightly acidic environment of our skin and in return, they help promote its crucial protective barrier functions, keeping a balance and preventing it from being colonised by bad bacteria which are responsible for conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. It can even protect against premature ageing. It’s a truly beautiful relationship.

Keeping our microbiome happy is key to keeping our skin healthy, however some ingredients such as certain preservatives can upset this balance which then results in bad skin days.


Thankfully, DUOLAB’s patented clean technology means we don’t need to use these harmful preservatives in any of our skincare products.

Each air-tight capsule contains a completely sterile skincare formula, which is activated via contactless technology and a last-minute emulsification process to give you a freshly blended cream that’s not only pure but is kind to your skin. Clever hey?