The facts about maskne

...and how to fight it

While masks have become the unlikely fashion accessory in 2020 – do you match your mask to your outfit? – one of the less desired side effects has been the growth of people suffering from breakouts around their mouths and chins.

Maskne - Caused by the bacteria that thrive in the moist, humid environment that forms under our masks when we’ve been wearing them for long periods, as well the breaking down of the skin barrier due the friction between said mask and skin - has become one of top skincare issues of the year, so what can you do to treat it?

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Our skin’s surface is made up of an incredible natural biome that needs to be balanced to keep it healthy and happy.

Wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time can upset this fragile balance, causing breakouts and rashes, and leaving our skin looking like one hot mess.

DUOLAB Ambassador Sophia McDonald gives us her top tips on how you keep those pesky pimples at bay


Choose a mask made of natural fibres such as cotton or silk.

Natural fibres let the skin breathe helping to prevent breakouts.

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Wash your face each morning and don’t forget to take your make-up off before bed.

Spot-causing bacteria love to breed on dirty skin so make sure you use a gentle cleanser to keep your skin clean.

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Don’t forget to wash your mask regularly too!

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Choose a skincare product that tackles imperfections.

DUOLAB’s Refined Texture capsule, combined with our Light Cream can help fight the effects of maskne.

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This duo of capsules contains a cocktail of natural complexion-enhancing ingredients that refine the look of blemishes and imperfections, while reducing the look of enlarged pores to leave skin feeling velvety soft.

The unique preservative-free formula also helps support the skin’s biome, leaving it healthy and balanced.

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