Decoding clean beauty

What clean beauty means to us

Do you know what’s in your skincare and what these ingredients actually do?

Translating ingredient lists can be a minefield so many of us are turning to clean beauty products - which filter out potentially harmful ingredients - for reassurance about what we put on our skin.

Clean beauty however is very much open to interpretation. Claims such as natural, clean and green have no legal definition and with no standard or regulation, they can be misleading and often misused.

For DUOLAB, clean beauty means so much more.

From our preservative-free, microbiome-friendly formulas, to our no-touch blending technology, we’ve made ‘clean’ a priority to ensure your skin comes into contact with only the purest ingredients and processes.

Did you know that every DUOLAB capsule is produced using an air-free, sterile pharmaceutical procedure? This Absolute Purity process means we don’t need to use preservatives in our formulas, helping your skin’s microbiome to thrive and leaving you with healthy skin that glows with vitality.

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