Visible efficacy

All DUOLAB treatment combinations have been scientifically tested and their efficacy proven by independent, third party laboratories.
So far, over 1,300 women around the world have tested the DUOLAB system under the controlled supervision of dermatologists.


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Effective in fighting...

Visible signs of ageing

Testers using our Skin Firming Targeted Concentrate have shown significant improvements in the skin firmness, smoothness and elasticity.

Our natural complex of immortelle, marsh clover, camellia and acmella oleracea plant extracts work synergistically to boost collagen production, repair damaged cells and restore smoothness.


Skin discomfort, redness and sensitivity

Those with sensitised, dry and irritated skin noticed a consistent relief and improved skin comfort after using our Soothing Comfort Targeted Concentrate.

Shea butter, cotton oil, bisabolol and waterlily extract lend their instantly soothing, nourishing and protecting properties leaving skin immediately soft and supple.


Visible pores, blemishes and shiny skin

Offering immediate and long term improvement to women with oily/combination skin as well as congested pores and blemishes, the Refined Texture Targeted Concentrate features a blend of rosehip and geranium extracts with cranberry AHA and micro powders to visibly improve the skin’s appearance and reduces imperfections.


Dull complexion, tired skin, dark circles

For skin that shows the signs of stress, fatigue and tiredness, our Energizing Radiance Targeted Concentrate features a blend of vitamins, seabuckthorn and micro-pigments for an immediate improvement in radiance and luminosity.


Hyperpigmentation and uneven complexion

Regular use of our Skin Brightening Targeted Concentrate has resulted in a more radiant, luminous and even complexion amongst our testers.

Skin brightening meadowsweet acts in synergy with white mulberry and vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of dark spots while rice powder and liquorice extracts visibly unify the skin texture.


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