Designed for optimum and safe results

DUOLAB’s next generation smart skincare system is the result of 6 years of R&D and 23 patents to deliver optimum and safe results.
Co-designed by technology experts and skin experts, the LAB device combines 3 cutting-edge technologies.

Preserve the formulas right up to application

Our engineers have conceived a unique contactless technology to preserve the purity and sterilization of our formulas right up until application.

Paired with the patented design of the DUOLAB airtight capsules, the whole system eliminates exposure and the risk of bacterial contamination without the need for any form of preservative.

Plus, it means your device stays immaculate throughout without the need for any cleaning after use.

“I never experienced anything like it.
Freshly mixed skincare within 90 seconds warmed to a perfect temperature to penetrate my skin better, what can I say?
Totally addictive and my skin is loving it.”
- Lauren -

Optimised skin absorption

Cutting-edge thermocosmetic technology gently warms your Duolab cream to the same temperature as your skin (37-42°C). This unique system ensures a more effective absorption of the active ingredients, while preserving their quality.

While cold temperatures cause the pores on our skin to tighten up and temporarily contract, this higher temperature helps skin relax and thus improve the penetration of the active ingredients. This optimal temperature also boosts cell metabolism allowing for better results.

Last but not least, the gentle warm sensation offers a pleasant and relaxing feeling of wellbeing each day.

“I love the technology behind the product, the ingredients and also the device.
I love the smell, the way it feels on my skin and the warmth of the product feels amazing.
I feel like my skin looks healthier and has a beautiful natural glow to it, so for me my Duolab is a well deserved treat.”
- Ibrahim -

The ultimate sensory experience

DUOLAB is the only skincare device that features an emulsification process in an at-home-device, meaning the aqueous phase and the oily phase within the two capsules are blended together in a record time of 90 seconds, compared to an average 20 minutes needed in a laboratory.

The result? Not only does the device deliver your personalised cream with a fresh and soft texture for an enhanced affinity to the skin, it releases the highly active ingredients in each capsule at the very last moment, which protects their stability and boosts their potency.

For example, our signature complex of hyaluronic acid and konjac is activated at the very last moment, which improves their hydrating and smoothing effect.

Join the beauty revolution today!

Get your LAB device and DUO capsules and enjoy your own personalised skincare in the comfort of your home.

How the LAB device works


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