Committed to our planet

Now, more than ever, sustainability is a top priority.
DUOLAB is committed to minimising its impact on the planet, which is why we’ve carefully considered each step in the manufacturing and packaging lifecycle to make DUOLAB a responsible brand, staying true to its philosophy of efficacy and transparency.

Recyclable packaging

DUOLAB’s ambition is to be a fully sustainable “closed loop” brand when it comes to recycling our post-consumer waste.

The cardboard sleeves containing all DUOLAB capsules are sourced from sustainably managed forests and recyclable in your usual paper recycling bin.

To ensure each one of our single-use capsules gets recycled, we have partnered with Terracycle®. This scheme allows our customers to post back their used capsules and pouches, using dedicated prepaid envelopes, to be fully recycled and ensuring they never have to enter landfill.

Terracycle® collects all materials and recycles them locally within the UK to minimise transportation and carbon footprint. Thanks to our customers’ massive support, all the capsules & pouches collected will be recycled and transformed into new objects like park furniture or children’s playgrounds.


In partnership with TerraCycle

Sustain S3 ISO

Effective environmental management system certified

Recycling is as easy as sending a letter


Step 1

Collect all your used capsules in the ceramic jar


Step 2

Once full, pop them in the pre-paid envelop along with any empty pouches and post back.


Step 3

Our partner Terracycle® will recycle them into objects like outdoor furniture.

Designed to last

The LAB device has been designed with the future in mind.

That is why we offer a 10 year repair guarantee for your device.

We also provide recycling points to ensure it has a second life when you no longer want it.


Responsible product design

Because sustainability touches every step of the supply chain, we adopted responsible practices in product design and manufacturing from the beginning.

All DUOLAB formulations are made in France with 100% traceable and sustainably sourced ingredients. The beeswax used in two of our capsules come from a local farm with sustainable practices, ensuring no bees are harmed during the wax harvest.

All our capsule packaging elements are sourced in Europe and assembled in France in small batches with short and energy efficient production runs.


Responsible product manufacturing

Our production line uses 100% solar energy and responsibly managed water, with highly efficient index motors to consume less energy.

The production site is certified ISO 14001 and all production waste is fully recycled to give it a second life.