Supercharged natural formulas

Because efficacy is paramount, at DUOLAB we adopted a solid approach in developing natural formulas in order to drive visible results.
Developed by R&D lab experts from the L'Occitane Group (L'Occitane, Elemis, Erborian, Melvita, Limelife), the formulas have been tailor-made according to a strict Duolab formulation charter.

The highest quality of natural active ingredients

Our Lab experts have hand-picked 25 natural and potent active ingredients, each one chosen for its proven biological benefits, purest quality and 100% traceable sustainability.

These ingredients have been blended using patented technology into highly effective and unique skincare formulas.


Exceptionally concentrated for optimum results

Our supercharged face care features a very high concentration of active ingredients in order to give you the best results: from 7% up to 19% depending on the concentrate. This is up to twice the amount you would find in other premium skincare products.

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Providing short and long term results

Our ingredients have been chosen to provide both immediate and long-lasting results – to consistently build your skin’s long term health but also to tackle quickly your daily skin concerns.

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Activated at the last moment

The formulas within your DUOLAB capsules are freshly emulsified to release their active ingredients at the very last moment, ensuring the most effective care for your skin.

For example, our signature complex of hyaluronic acid and konjac extract is kept in a dehydrated state and is activated by your device seconds before application. This super charges the ingredients’ ability to rehydrate and soothe your skin.

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