Your Smart Skincare monthly subscription

The easiest and most effective way to enjoy the DUOLAB skincare system is with our monthly subscription option. Simply put, this allows you to choose your favourite capsules and have them delivered to your door whenever you like – it's totally flexible!

Starting at just £56 per month – with a 20% price saving included, this subscription ensures your daily dose of skincare is automatically replenished when you need it, whilst at the same time allowing you to add, swap or remove capsules selection at anytime to reflect the changing seasons or your personal needs.

Furthermore there are no fixed fees or subscription periods –  you can easily cancel at any time you wish.

How does it work?


You're in charge

Start building your Smart Skincare box and fill it with the capsules YOU want.

Combine Moisturising Bases and Targeted Concentrates to treat your skin's needs.


Quick & convenient

Receive your Smart Skincare box every 4 weeks.

No more running out of your favourite capsules. No more wasted space storing more than you actually need.



Adjust your Smart Skincare subscription to add or remove capsules or to change the delivery frequency, at any time.

No hidden costs and no cancellation fees.

Got a question?

Our dedicated team is here to help!