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The Starter System | £179

Everything you need to try DUOLAB in the comfort of your home. Start creating your own personalised skincare with 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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DUO capsules | SmartSkin auto-replenish £14 per pack

Subscribe and save 20% on all packs of 14 capsules and an additional 30% on the LAB device when added to your first subscription.

DUO capsules and LAB device


DUO capsules | £17.50 per pack

All our range of DUO Moisturising Bases and Targeted Concentrates capsules.


LAB device | £179

Enjoy your clean and freshly-made face cream at the touch of a button!

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Accessories | Starting from £10

To complement your DUOLAB experience.

Tote bag, quartz face roller, ceramic bin, capsule organiser, travel bag.