DUOLAB makes its debut on QVC

Join our on-air ambassador, Abby Horne, who will help you explore the world of DUOLAB, from our naturally active creams and unique warming technology to the incredible, clinically-proven results that will leave your skin glowing with vitality.
Tune in to discover exclusive collections developed to elevate your skincare and upgrade your beauty routine for ever.


Meet Abby, DUOLAB Ambassador

"I am so excited to introduce you DUOLAB's amazing skincare benefits and game-changing technology. It's a new way to use skincare for transformative results.

For me, skin health is all about skin that glows and using DUOLAB's revolutionary system has given me with a new level of skin confidence. My skin secret? I'm never without my favourite Energizing Radiance capsules.

Even if I don't get my eight hours each night, this skincare hero leaves my complexion looking beautifully rested and full of vitality, so dull, tired-looking skin is a thing of the past!

Look forward to seeing you soon on QVC!"