Welcome to My Duolab Club!

Discover our new community where you can earn rewards every time you help the planet. My Duolab Club lets you enjoy gifts, rewards and much more every time you recycle your used DUOLAB capsules.
We’ll convert your returned capsules and pouches into points which can then be used to redeem one of our incredible DUOLAB gifts.
Our recycling partner TerraCycle will transform your old packaging into new objects including benches and other outdoor furniture, helping to reduce waste to landfill and to protect precious wildlife and marine habitats.

How does it work?


1. Collect & send back used capsules & pouches

Every time you send back a full envelope of used capsules and aluminium pouches, we’ll add points to your account.

For each filled small envelope, you are eligible for 50 points. We’ll give you 100 points for each large filled envelope you send back.

Once you’ve reached your points target you can claim your exclusive DUOLAB gift.


2. Select your gift

Explore our incredible gift selection and decide which one you’ll choose first:

100 points – 1 tote bag

180 points – 1 rose quartz face roller

200 points – 1 ceramic recycling bin

220 points – 1 capsule organiser

300 points – 2 packs of your favourite capsules

600 points – 4 packs of your favourite capsules

2300 points – 1 LAB device in your choice of colour (worth £250)

Customer Care Laura 400x400

3. Redeem your gift

Redeem your gift by contacting our Customer Care team through the contact form or by phone (0800 358 0648) who will send you a promotional code to use at checkout with your next purchase.