What clean means to us

Pure plant-based formulas, free from controversial ingredients

At DUOLAB we believe our skin should benefit from only the purest, natural ingredients.

That’s why we’ve made our formulas rich in natural extracts and free from controversial ingredients so your skin gets only what it needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

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All formulas contain between 93% and 100% natural ingredients

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No preservatives, no silicones, no mineral oils and their derivatives, no synthetic colorants or synthetic fragrances

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No ingredients of animal origin, apart from locally sourced beeswax

The highest standards of purity, kind to every skin

DUOLAB’s innovative purity technology means we don’t need to use preservatives in our formulas.

In fact our sterile formulas, hermetically sealed capsules and unique production process matches that of the medical industry.

The result? Formulas that respect the skin natural ecosystem for extra safety and skin tolerance.

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No preservatives

3 icon sterile

Sterile formulas

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Skin's microbiome-friendly

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What’s the story with skincare preservatives?

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What are preservatives?

Traditional water-based skincare formulas normally contain various preservatives to protect them against bacterial contamination through contact with air or fingers.

Without these preservatives products would have a very short shelf life and would have to be used up within days of production.

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Why go preservative free?

The long term effect of preservatives on the skin and their cumulative effect are not yet fully known.

On average women will apply over 8 kilos of preservatives on her skin throughout her life.

Preservatives are increasingly linked to skin reactions and are suspected by some to have an impact on its health.

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Supporting your skin's microbiome

With their antibacterial power, preservatives also have an indirect effect on your skin’s natural microbiome, the ecosystem of "friendly" bacteria and micro-organisms naturally present on your skin.

A strong and balanced microbiome has been proven to reinforce your skin’s natural barrier and contribute to healthier and beautiful skin.

At DUOLAB we believe skincare should only contain what our skin needs and nothing it doesn’t.

That’s why DUOLAB scientists and engineers have developed a 100% preservative-free skincare with no risk of contamination. DUOLAB technology protects our sterilised formulas within sealed, air-tight capsules and blends a fresh single dose amount for each daily application so no product is left exposed in your bathroom.

By opting for preservative-free face care, you can help to protect your skin’s microbiome, keeping it balanced and happy.

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Our unique "Absolute Purity" process

To bring you the purest skincare possible, we carefully control the whole formula production process, from product design right up to the moment of application at home.


Careful selection of preservative-free ingredients

We create only preservative-free formulas. This includes official and non-official preservative ingredients.


Fully sterilised production

To produce this new generation of cosmetics, we created a totally new sterile manufacturing environment, identical to medical industry standards, with strictly sterilised equipment, formulas, packaging and touch points.


Contactless device

To keep our formulas sterile and safe up until the actual skin application moment, our engineers have developed airtight capsules and a unique contactless device technology that protects your skincare product from any possible contamination.


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