More On Clean Formulas

At Duolab, we make formulas with an extremely high percentage of natural, active ingredients. Without exception. With no preservatives of any kind, all our formulas are also free from silicones, mineral-oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes, as well as any other ingredients already banned by European regulations.

We are the only ones on the market to totally remove preservatives, while also guaranteeing your formula’s integrity and purity for 3 years. When we say preservative-free, this means there are no official or unofficial preservatives. We don’t add any preservatives to the formulas nor are there any preservatives already present in the ingredients we use. The secret lies in our Absolute Purity Process.

We carefully control the whole process from A to Z, from product design and production to emulsification at home, right up until the very last second when you apply the cream on your skin. We are committed to:

- Selecting preservative-free ingredients for 100% of every formula
- Excluding official and non-official preservatives, excluding added and hidden preservatives, as well as silicon, mineral-oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes
- Producing sterile formulas encapsulated in airtight capsules in a white room 
- Developing a device that keeps the sterile formulas pure when you emulsify them at home

So, you can enjoy preserved and protected formulas free from any kind of preservative or controversial ingredient.

Designed to stop bacteria contamination in face cream, preservatives like parabens don’t make the formula any more effective. By opting for a preservative-free cream, you can help protect your skin’s natural microbiome, the good ecosystem of bacteria naturally present on your skin. A strong skin microbiome has been proven to reinforce your skin natural barrier and contribute to healthier skin.

We are very transparent about the percentage of natural ingredients in each formula: 1 is 93%, 2  95%, 1 is 96%, 1 is 97% and 3 are 98% natural. What’s left just helps make the textures more sensorial and brings added efficacy that can’t yet be substituted by natural alternatives.

The formulas are also vegetarian friendly. You won’t find any ingredients of animal origin apart from bee byproducts - two of our emulsifiers contain some bee wax (Day Light Cream and Day Melting Cream) as there’s isn’t yet a natural, vegan and preservative-free alternative. The other 6 capsules are all vegan.

Thermocosmetic innovation

Cutting-edge thermal technology warms the cream to your skin’s natural temperature.

This unique system ensures the most effective absorption, scientifically proven.

More On effectiveness

Listening and adapting to your skin’s changing needs using different targeted actives has been proven more effective than applying the same cream day in, day out. What’s more, your skin will also benefit from:

  • High concentrations of active ingredients

  • Freshly blended creams applied immediately

  • A powerful combination of short and long-term actives

  • Thorough testing of every possible duo

  • Clinical and satisfaction tests for every formula

A range that has been tested by more than 1,300 women

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More On the environment

We only use capsules because we haven’t yet found another way to provide responsiveness with no preservatives. In the meantime, we’ve made sure it’s easy for you to recycle your capsules and aluminum sachets. Simply send the pre-paid envelope to our recycling partner TerraCycle®.

We don’t believe in planned obsolescence. That’s why we guarantee 10 years of reparability (you’ll find all the spare parts you need) to help promote a healthier circular economy and limit waste.

The cardboard boxes for our capsules are sourced from sustainably managed forests. What’s more, the boxes for both the capsules and device can be recycled.

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