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Your life is no routine. Why would your skincare be?

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Skin responsive care

Natural ingredients. Preservative-free. Tailored & efficient.

Skin Responsive care

Discover the first preservative-free, personalised skincare

Because your skin is constantly changing, a skincare regime that remains the same day in, day out just won’t do. DUOLAB is a revolutionary solution designed to keep up with the changing nature of your skin by offering highly natural, supercharged formulas tailored to your needs.

Every day, freshly blend the right active ingredients and textures to suit you and your everyday lifestyle.

All of our skincare doses are 100% preservative-free, clinically tested and recyclable.

Clean and plant based Signature blends

Recyclable skincare doses

Effective formulas high tech process

Freshly blended by you

In just 90 seconds, mix your personalised duo of capsules to create your daily dose of face cream.

Heated to complement your skin temperature, this freshly blended cream penetrates more effectively.

Moisturising base
Choose the right texture
Targeted concentrate
Pick the powerful actives
Dispenser with contactless technology
Insert your duo of capsules
Formulator that blends an ultra-thin emulsion
Get your freshly made face cream

Get DUOLAB at home in 3 steps! Subscribe and receive your personalised skincare protocol at home every 28 days.


Start your skin diagnosis.

Find your personalised protocol of skincare doses.


Choose your device.

To freshly blend your skincare on demand at home.


Get it delivered to your doorstep.

Receive your device with your first 28 day protocol and receive your refill every 28 days.

Capsules and device included in your subscription, vs £250 for the device and £70 for 28 days of capsule (one use per day)

Terms and conditions apply

‘REVOLUTIONISE your routine’

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NEW Be Skin Confident Collections

Energising Radiance Collection

For a radiant, glowing and rested complexion.
Formulator + 14 day’s supply Day & Night capsules. Use ‘SUMMER’ at checkout.

Refined Texture Collection

Visibly improves the skin’s appearance and reduces imperfections.
Formulator + 14 day’s supply Day & Night capsules. Use ‘SUMMER’ at checkout.

Soothing Comfort Collection

Nourishes and protects dry and sensitive skin.
Formulator + 14 day’s supply Day & Night capsules. Use ‘SUMMER’ at checkout.

Skin Firming Collection

Restorative smoothing care for fine lines and wrinkles.
Formulator + 14 day’s supply Day & Night capsules. Use ‘SUMMER’ at checkout.


They love DUOLAB

Don't need makeup anymore!

I got so many compliments on my skin since I am using Duolab... That much that I stopped using make up!

I feel like the DIY queen 👑

The idea is genius. I love creating my own skincare each day.

Thank God, my complex is gone!

My dark circles have faded! Using Duolab is amazing!

Wish I had tested sooner!

I love the feeling of the warmed cream on my skin. It just sinks in straight away!

Finally the moisturiser I was waiting for

A good reason to wake up on the morning. Plus, I love the recycling aspect!

Excellent formulas and device

I like the fact the formulas are preservative-free and can be freshly blended when I need them.